Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Introducing Rhone...

These photos were taken a couple days after we got our second Boxer, Rhone. Bacchus and Rhone absolutely love each other and are completely inseparable. They bring laughter and love into our lives each and every day. Bacchus was born on 5.21.08 and was the first addition to our family. His name is derived from the Roman God of Wine. Rhone was born on 12.31.08 and is Bacchus' sista from another motha & fatha...if you will. She is named after the Rhone River & Valley in France.


  1. Found your site through a pin on pinterest. Beautiful, beautiful images... especially the candid shots. So much captured emotion. I'm particularly drawn to the shots of your gorgeous boxers. They're my husband's & my favourite dogs, and we're aching to have one of our own (though we presently live in a shoebox apartment, definitely not the right environment for a boxer!). That image of Bacchus & Rhone with the stick/bark... naaaaw!! Melt.

  2. I love, love, love the pics you've posted of the Boxer pups! You are truly a talented photographer and the dogs are absolutely gorgeous!!